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About Advanced Transformational Solutions, Inc.
​Our Vision
Advanced Transformational Solutions, Inc. is at the forefront of partnering with companies that are committed to building and maintaining a vibrant and highly focused workforce and business. 

The ATS Approach begins by showing how stress affects three key areas in the brain - the brain's inner alarm, search engine, and executive command center. When the executive center is able to re-set the alarm, stress is manageable and ultimately can be a positive experience. But when the brain's executive command center doesn't re-set the alarm, stress becomes a chronic problem that saps creativity and undermines wellness 
and productivity. 

The ATS Approach shows how a unique 7-step sequence of skills for mental focusing can unlock the full potential of the brain's executive command center to re-set the inner alarm, and this spells FREEDOM from chronic stress. The FREEDOM steps are a translation of cutting edge brain and behavioral science findings into the only practical tool that employees will ever need to transform workplace and personal stress into creativity and wellness. 

Our Team
Julian Ford
Judith Ford
Christopher Lyddy
Katy Reid
Alison Schneider
Benjamin Ayantola 
Corey Somerville
Christine Kopcyk 

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